Holly has been working to support me in my journey, since my elderly parents passed away earlier this year. Since I was both emotionally distressed and physically exhausted, my needs were multi-faceted.

Holly has listened to me with compassion and insight, and through her expertise, I feel a real improvement, both in my physical condition, and my emotional state. I have already referred two friends to her.

Thanks, Holly!

Anon. (Victoria, BC)


When I first met Holly in clinic I knew right away she was a healer in the making. She inspired confidence in me and we sat together to discuss my concerns and then sampled plant medicine together to create a formula that would work for me. But more than that, it was a question Holly asked me that gave me sudden insight to the health issue I was coping with, and that was hugely valuable to me. Holly is amazingly bright and caring; she uses her good knowledge, intelligence and intuition in finding the remedy that will help one heal. I have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone looking for relief from a short or long term condition.

 ML Leidl (Victoria, BC)


I always look forward to meeting with Holly. I have rarely felt so listened to in a consultation with any practitioner, and I appreciate her considerate and thoughtful approach to my case. Under the vague, doctor-diagnosed issue of IBS, I’ve struggled with digestive concerns for some time, and Holly looks at the whole picture for insight into what’s driving my health challenges.

J.K. (Victoria, BC)

I highly recommend Holly to be on your holistic health care team and your path to well-being.  She is simply an amazing person and practitioner.

I first met Holly at my first herbal student clinic consultation at Pacific Rim College in Victoria.  I was so impressed with Holly’s knowledge of herbs, her genuine concern and empathy for me and my health concerns.  When the first appointment was over I knew Holly was the right person for me.  I felt lucky to had gotten her, and I left with a sense of hope and possibility that I could overcome my longstanding health problems with help from Holly.  I felt relief that finally there was someone that cared and could help.  I continued to receive wonderful support and assistance from Holly during our follow-up appointments.

It seems Holly’s work comes to her naturally.  She conducts her consultations in a professional manner and at the same time she is very personable and always makes me feel comfortable and special. I have been impressed with her knowledge and expertise of herbs, and I appreciated that she considered the qualities of the various herbs from an Ayurvedic perspective, (something I could relate to having some basic understanding of Ayurveda).

I like Holly’s style of incorporating an interactive and collaborative approach where I was able to taste the various herb tinctures she had chosen. Together we would assess the effect on me, and then she would choose the best and most appropriate ones to include in my tincture that would help my body start healing itself.  In addition she also had the ingenuity to incorporate the use of flower essences into my tinctures and add an energetic quality to enhance the healing.

Before seeing Holly I had been feeling discouraged and had been to my share of doctors, including a specialist, a naturopath, and various other health and medical practitioners.  As a result, I was taking many supplements, herbal products and following a very restrictive diet.  I was overwhelmed and frustrated to be on this tight regime and live my life by the clock, without much improvement. And so I decided to take advantage of the services offered at PRC, for which I am truly grateful for, and seek a different approach/modality to my challenges and situation.  I have always being interested in and valued the use of herbs, so I thought it was time to get more serious and intimate with them.

With Holly’s knowledge, intuition, and patience, she gradually helped me to streamline and eliminate many of the supplements I was taking and created a unique formula for me.  And I can happily say I feel like I am on the right path, taking less pills, experiencing less symptoms, and generally feeling better overall.

I am confident that Holly will continue to take me further along on my path of healing and improved well-being.  Thank you Holly for your love, care, and dedication to herbs and helping others using one of the oldest and most natural ways to achieve and maintain health and well-being.

J.B.  (Victoria, BC)


Holly is a very professional practitioner with incredible knowledge of plants’ therapeutic and energetic uses. I would highly recommend seeing Holly as she so comfortably holds space and naturally leads the consultations into self realizations and healing.

D.L. (Victoria, BC)